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Film Production Financing

EnerOne excels at securing funding through strategic collaborations with various film commissions, facilitating the realization of unique and impactful film projects. Our approach centres on managing the application processes and coordinating with funding bodies to ensure the necessary financial resources are obtained.


Financially Supported Projects

Erba Ianca
Supported by the Malta and Sicilian Film Commissions, we played a key role in securing funding for this intriguing story set on the island of Gozo.

Golden Eagle
Through the Malta Film Commission, EnerOne facilitated the financial backing for this project, harnessing Malta’s historic landscapes to narrate a story rich with intrigue and adventure.

Funded by the Malta Film Commission, "Umami" explores the deep connections between human sensory experiences and emotional landscapes, with EnerOne ensuring the project's financial support.

Un Weekend Particolare
Unlike other projects, EnerOne managed every aspect of production for "Un Weekend Particolare," demonstrating our full capabilities from securing funding to overseeing production.

EnerOne does more than just secure funding for film projects; our in-depth expertise and strong partnerships with various film commissions enable us to navigate the financial aspects of productions effectively. As a financial consultancy firm, we offer extensive in-house financial services including accounting, budget management, and financial compliance. This integrated approach ensures every project not only realizes its creative vision but does so on a solid financial foundation. Our all-encompassing service portfolio underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the film industry, making EnerOne a true one-stop shop for filmmakers.

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