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"Un Weekend Particolare"

a romantic comedy that deftly weaves the complexities of love and reconciliation. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Malta, this film, expertly produced by EnerOne, captures a whirlwind reunion of two ex-lovers who confront their past amidst the island's enchanting allure. Dive into a story where emotions run high and second chances are explored with heartfelt humor and unexpected twists.

THE Story Unfolds

Discover the heart and humour of

'Un Weekend Particolare', where past lovers Elena and Claudio unexpectedly reunite in a scenic Maltese resort. As old sparks reignite, they navigate the complicated maze of their past emotions. This charming tale delves into whether love can truly be rekindled or if some things are better left in the past. Join Elena and Claudio as they explore the unpredictability of love and the possibility of second chances amidst the enchanting landscape of Malta.

THE Cast

Behind the Scenes of 'Un Weekend Particolare'

Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of 'Un Weekend Particolare,' a film that combines the subtle art of storytelling with the picturesque landscapes of Malta. Under the direction of Gianni Ciuffini, this film delves into the complexities of rekindled romance, set against the visually stunning backdrop provided by EnerOne's logistical and production expertise.


The selection of Malta as the primary location served to underscore the film’s themes of beauty and nostalgia. EnerOne's involvement, led by executive producer Salvatore Tirone, was critical in ensuring that each location perfectly complemented the narrative's emotional depth. The coordination between location scouting and actual filming was handled with precision, emphasizing efficiency and aesthetic value.

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